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Home of Compassion
2 Rhine Street
Island Bay
Phone: (04) 383 9094
Email address: wellington@taoist.org

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Beginner Classes

The beginner class dates shown below are starting dates, and classes are usually once per week, but you can attend as many as you like. The beginner course runs for approximately 4-5 months. New members are welcome at any time.

  Day     Time     Start Date  
  Monday     9:30am - 10:30am     25 May 2015  
  Monday     7pm - 8:30pm     30 March 2015  
  Sunday     10am - 11:30am     29 March 2015  

Continuing Classes

Continuing classes are ongoing classes for those members who have finished the beginner course.

  Day     Time     Notes  
  Monday     10:30am - 12 noon      
  Tuesday     7pm - 8:30pm      
  Thursday     7pm - 8:30pm      

Health Recovery Classes

Health Recovery classes are aimed at people with more serious or debilitating health issues, but are open to all members.

  Day     Time     Notes  
  Saturday     10:30am - 12 noon